My name is David Schick, I’m a full-time student at the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I’m currently working on my undergraduate degree and expect to graduate in the fall of 2014 as a journalism major with emphasis in both public affairs and photojournalism.

Even though I’m still a student, my reporting has appeared in a wide array of publications such as USA TODAY, as well as two weekly alternative papers in Georgia, Flagpole Magazine and Creative Loafing. And I got my start — like most do — at my college newspaper, The Collegian where I served as Editor-in-Chief. Currently, I hold a leadership role as the president for the combined Online News Association / Society of Professional Journalist group at UGA.

This website serves as ground zero for my investigation into Georgia Perimeter College’s million dollar shortfall, a story I’ve been tracking since May 2012 and has led me to sue the University System of Georgia for open records act violations.

You’ll also find that I like to blog about the ever changing journalism world, college life and everything else.

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